Katherine Agapitos | Beloved Kitchen

About this blog

Beloved Kitchen is where I write about my food adventures in and outside the kitchen. I focus on healthy, whole food, vegetarian and gluten free recipes because I believe that the food we put in our bodies is the fuel for a rich and happy life. Many people think healthy and delicious are mutually exclusive terms when it comes food. I hope that by visiting my site often you'll discover that this certainly is not the case!

About me

My name is Katherine and I live in Zurich, Switzerland. I am originally from Ottawa, Canada and have Greek and French Canadian roots. I’ve been fortunate enough to move around quite a bit, and so far I have lived in lots of different cities: Brussels, Nice, London and now Zurich. I'm also married to the South Tyrolean love of my life (that’s Italy, for those of you not familiar with the region). That's quite the mix, isn't it!

I'm an environmentalist by day, and in my spare time I like to write about and photograph food, play around with recipes, travel to new places and experience nature through hiking. My undergraduate and graduate studies in Environmental Science and Climate Change have shaped the way I see food and have given me a greater appreciation of the environmental impacts of our global food production system. For these reasons I follow a vegetarian diet and strive to incorporate more plant-based foods in my day-to-day life. For health reasons, I also follow a completely gluten free diet.

About the name

The kitchen is one of my favourite spaces (second to the great outdoors), and it's where I spend a lot of my free time. In fact, it is very beloved and dear to me. My last name, Agapitos, takes its roots from a Greek word which means beloved. And that's the story behind Beloved Kitchen.